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I provide software and support in the field of electronic data processing. As a consultant and software craftsman, I have supported a number of major players in projects of all sizes in Germany and Switzerland. My experience as a developer and architect make informed decisions , sustainable architectures and sound operation of all kinds of software.

In addition to application development and the structure of modern applications, I am concerned with development and modernization of legacy systems. Here I offer support and advice in the field of architecture, change management and modernization.

Areas of activity

Consulting, Engineering and Requirements Engineering J2EE, JEE & SE, Android, Scala, SQL, XML / XSL, HTML / CSS, Javascript and other


Individual Development
Product Development
System Integration
Various relational and non-relational databases, embedded databases


Operating Systems
Management consulting, telecommunications, insurance and public administration Linux / UNIX derivatives, Windows

Software development


Innovative applications, UI prototyping, test-driven development, Domain-Driven Design, QA

Software development architecture consulting, management and modernization of “legacy” systems




My write something about it to-do list

This is my personal to-do list. Once i get in touch with something interesting, i put it on my list, explore it and write something about it later

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Mirko Sertic
Consultant, System Architect and Software Craftsman
Josefine-Mauser-Str. 66, 48157 Münster, Germany
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